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Born Online Forged from Technology

Founded in 2007, BindDesk is a wholesale insurance brokerage serving the various needs of retail insurance brokers. Independently owned, we take pride in our niche markets and hustling attitude that ultimately serve our clients well.

A rational group, we know we're not the market for everything, so we don't ask you to send us everything. We'll keep you apprised of what we KNOW we're good at so that when you come to us we're likely to write business. You'll know when to think about us.

Located in San Diego, the perpetual hotbed of contractors GL, our roots are carved from that space. Throughout the years we've grown to offer a more well rounded scope of insurance that has helped us to become a valuable resource across the board.

Phil Duncan

Phil co-founded BindDesk and continues to lead the way in using technology to manage his team.

Robert Young

Responsible for developing and maintaining carrier and agency relationships.

Tara Foley

Assists accounting department with all collection related activity from premium due to return commissions.

Dan Duncan

Assists with developing new products and supporting carrier relationships.

Derek Lovrenich
Technical Consultant

Hired for his unique insight on the industry and because we get Prime Rib lunch.

Erica Dye
Customer Service

Works with producers to get accounts quoted and bound. She is in the mix during the entire issuance process for both new and renewal business.

Greg Cajilig

Responsible for all accounting related issues, commissions, cancellations, reinstatements, etc

Kyle Henzes

Underwrites new business and qualifies submissions for competitive pricing and coverage with all carrier programs.

Luc Lapointe

Being a developer isn't always about glamour and glitz. Sometimes I climb walls.